NMT on Sponsorship

Sponsorship is a part of our total market communication, working in tandem with NMT’s other marketing activities. NMT gives local talent
a push in the back to develop the talent and skills further.

From golfing to truck racing and from cycling to speedskating, learn more about NMT's heroes here.

Our Heroes

Truck racing: Marcel van Vliet, born 1970. Participated in 10 Dakar rally’s.

Car racing: Tristan Boorsma, participated in the 24h of Barcelona in 2013 and finished 3rd overall.

Cycling: Boretti Ladies Cycling team: one of the 3 main cycling teams in Amsterdam. For 2020 they compete in several national and international cycling tours.

Team Para Atletiek.

Tug of War: in February 2020 the Dutch national mixed class have become World Champions in Ireland. Two years ago the Dutch had to settle for second place, but now the team can call themselves World Champions for the next two years. The mix class consists of 4 ladies and 4 gentlemen with a maximum combined weight of 580 kg.