NMT Shipping - Your Roll on/Roll off Professional

The NMT Group specializes in the worldwide shipment of cars, trucks, trailers and all other self-propelled or rolling cargo.

Operating in the worlds most important trade lanes, NMT moves cargo worldwide on modern and technically advanced deep-sea and short-sea RoRo vessels. With the large fleet of flexible vessels used, NMT is able to transport all types of vehicles, and also oversized static pieces worldwide.

More than Shipping - The Complete Logistics Provider

The business concept of the NMT Group does not fit under any known business tag. It is true that we act as 'global carrier to shippers' and 'global shipper to carriers' through our long-term commitment and partnership with a number of the global RoRo carriers. We issue our own bill of ladings for the same. However, and in addition, we independently operate our own services, sometimes with NMT controlled tonnage, sometimes chartered. We like to control the cargo process and even employ our own port captains in major ports.

Marine- and RoRo knowledge is a fundamental part and backbone of how the NMT Group has been built, and we will never compromise on this in the future. So, should someone want to tag our way of doing business, we will say it is the 'NMT Way of Doing Business'

Our Mission Statement

“Enhancing NMT as a truly independent and global RoRo service provider, offering its suppliers and customers maximum value for money and one-stop shopping through our local and highly experienced staff, innovative transport solutions and no frills services.”