22 Apr, 2014 - An early start yesterday, loading roro cargo on MV "Prime Ace" for South America. Our 1st vessel in this new trade.
22 Apr, 2014 - Fantastic race from @JoshDayo and @bewiserkawasaki at Brands Hatch this weekend. Finished 12th coming from 18th.
22 Apr, 2014 - Great debut this weekend of the nmt-racing team with @NMT_Projects and @MDMMOTORSPORTNL. 3rd and 5th place !
18 Apr, 2014 - Looking forward to a good & fast weekend with @NMT_Projects and @MDMMOTORSPORTNL @SupercChallenge
14 Apr, 2014 - NMT Racing will take part in some races of the @SupercChallenge 2014 in a BMW M3 GT4. @nmtshipping @NMT_Projects @MDMMOTORSPORTNL